Following open conversations with our staff, Board of Directors and Elders Advisory Council, Bularri Muurlay Nyanggan Aboriginal Corporation (BMNAC) and Gumbaynggirr Giingana Freedom School (GGFS) have resolved to support a YES vote on the upcoming referendum on a First Nations Voice to Parliament. This position is premised on government commitment to implement a truth-telling commission, which leads to treaties.

BMNAC internal conversations were extensive with issues such as sovereignty and treaty critically examined. We also discussed recent government policies that have inflicted deep pain and trauma on First Nations communities such as the dismantling of ATSIC, the abolition of the Community Development Employment Program (CDEP) and in 2007, the suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 in order to implement the Northern Territory Intervention. It is our hope that the Voice will protect First Nations communities from such oppressive and devastating legislation in the future.

In supporting the YES campaign our Elders have requested that we highlight the trust we are putting in the government and reiterate that with trust comes great responsibility.

It is our opinion that the enshrined Voice should be far-reaching. In particular, it is imperative that the Voice is heard on issues of country, environment and climate change as these are central to our identities and well-being.

We would like to acknowledge Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people who are opposed to the voice citing concerns for sovereignty and their preference for treaty before voice. We respect the deep feeling and validity of such concerns.

In considering sovereignty, it is our staunch and unwavering position that, so long as we explore ways in which to assert it, our sovereignty never cedes.

At BMNAC we remain committed to asserting our sovereignty and our birth right of connecting to country and the UN-declared human right of educating our children in the way we see fit. We call on the Voice to support GGFS/BMNAC in our goal of educating our children our way.


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For more information or media enquiries:

Brooke Cuy
BMNAC Communications Director
(02) 6652 5080