The very first Darruyaygam Maagun Wellness and Culture Festival was held Friday the 9th of September.

Thank you to everyone that came along Friday September 9th to gather with us riverside at ‘Baga-Baga to celebrate unity, healing and culture. After all the postponements caused by Covid – 3 years later it was so good to see this vision realised and the hard work all come together.

The festival commenced underneath the grey storming clouds with Welcome to Country by Gawa Gary Williams and Smoking Ceremony with Gawa Martin Ballangarry.
With the looming storm overhead, the mood was of cautious celebration, but as the smoke rose, the rain stopped and throughout the opening dance the clouds cleared to reveal a glorious blue sky. A stirring moment that resonated with us all. The beautiful sunshine amplifying the excitement and enjoyment on the day.

All of the performances on the day were too deadly – musicians and dancers alike! The water was perfect for the river activities, a refreshing splash enjoyed by many. So many great products and activities with all of the stall holders and our Nyanggan Gapi crew working hard with the popularity of their coffees and food.

“Hopefully this opportunity empowers community to move forward in a positive way. Our ancestors guide us we need to continue embracing what is best for our mob, and the best way forward starts with our children being strong in culture and strong in self.” Said Amanda Donovan event organiser and BMNAC / Nyanggan Giirrwaa program facilitator.

With the day winding down and the clean up finished the clouds returned, as if from a message from the old ones, bidding a farewell with a beautiful rainbow.

We’re very happy to have the Darruyaygam Maagun Festival be an addition to the cultural calendar for the region and we’re really looking forward to the next one- see you all there!